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History of the FTA

The Floatation Tank Association of the UK and Eire (FTA) was established in the mid 1980’s when the first floatation tanks arrived in the UK.

The FTA had the joint aims of educating the public about the benefits of floatation and ensuring that the therapy was provided in a consistently safe and ethical fashion throughout the industry.

At that time there were only 3 float centres in the UK now the FTA has over 20 members with new centres opening regularly, with the principles of the FTA remaining the same.

Code of Practice

All members of the FTA undertake to abide by this Code of Practice and submit to a system of peer review to monitor compliance.


Behaviour to the public

1. The fundamental priority of the floatation centre shall be to serve the client, rather than to sell floating. Clients shall not be exposed to pressure sales tactics or be approached in any manner that imposes on their privacy. Staff will refrain from urging people to buy products and will not exert undue pressure for the purchase of additional floats.
2. Staff will refrain from making inflated claims about the benefits of floatation both in advertising and public statement.
3. The centre will at all times have valid public liability insurance.
4. The centre will maintain an environment which is sensitive to and supportive of the client’s experience.
a. a suitable area, with access to drinking water, for clients to sit and relax after their float will be provided.
b. Staff will be sensitive to the client’s right to privacy both before and after the float, and the environment will be such as to maximise this privacy. i.e. there should only be one tank per room and the client should have access to a private shower closely adjacent to the tank.
5. Staff will refuse to float two people in the same tank at the same time
6. Staff will refuse use of the tank to anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and to epileptics not under medication
7. Vaseline and ear plugs will be made available to all clients.
8. First-time clients will receive a clear and thorough verbal orientation prior to floating which will include addressing fears that could impinge upon or obstruct their experience of floating for the first time.
9. The end of the float session will be signalled in a gentle way consistent with the experience and ensuring the client’s privacy

Cleanliness & Sanitation

1. Clean tank rooms and shower facilities will be provided and maintained between uses.
2. The entire volume of tank water will be filtered between uses.
3. The condition of the water and the tank will be monitored between uses: the water will at all times be perfectly clear and free from scum, oils, hair or any other foreign objects.
4. The depth, specific gravity and pH of the water shall be measured at least weekly with the results recorded in writing.